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Imagine yourself floating down a clear river, surrounded by lush greenery, steep, chiseled and marbled rock faces and hillsides in the heart of the Ozark mountain range. On your left on the water and shoreline you see herons and ducks and up in the trees on the hill, you see a black bear. Nature is in all her glory when you're looking for a water adventure on the rivers, creeks and lakes of Northwest Arkansas.

  1. The stunning scenery is a bonus when canoeing on Big Piney Creek. This creek is 67 miles long and offers a variety of canoeing and floating experiences. Big Piney Creek has both rapids and calm stretches of water, making it ideal for anyone at any level of comfort. Canoeing season at Big Piney runs from late-fall to mid-June.

  1. The 720 mile White River is another adventure worth taking. The source of this river is in the Boston Mountains in the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest. There are stretches of family-friendly, calm waters You can start your White River trip at any of the numerous access points all along the river. However, if you like your water white, start at the headwaters near Fayetteville. Diverse wildlife, rock formations, dense greenery and clear waters are perfect for any canoe enthusiast or float trip with friends.

  1. The Buffalo National River is a gemstone in Arkansas. It's 150 mile long beauty has been featured in National Geographic. The Buffalo was the first national river and has 95,000 acres of public land encompassing it. A great one-day float trip can be had on the Buffalo River from Ponca to Kyle's Landing. A 10 mile stretch will take boaters four to six hours, depending on how leisurely you want to be. In addition to these calm waters, this section of the Buffalo has breathtaking views of a large bluff face and a waterfall.

Water-lovers from all over the country will love the majesty and charm of canoeing on these creeks and rivers where you can fluctuate between laid-back relaxing and white-knuckled excitement.

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