Beer Flight

It seems everywhere you go, in cities and towns large and small, craft breweries are popping up. In some cities, like Denver or San Diego, hundreds of craft breweries line the streets within walking distance of each other.

So what is a craft brewery? They are small, independently owned companies dedicated to making traditional beer with quality ingredients. These beers are anything but dull. In fact, the surging popularity of craft breweries may be due to America’s boredom, and even outright rebellion, against big breweries pumping out light and cheaply made beers. At a craft brewery you can expect unique and flavorful beers. Craft brews are like snowflakes, you will be hard-pressed to find identical beers. Some brewers pride themselves on taking a walk on the strange and wild side. Rogue Ales & Spirits in Newport OR, for example, has a five different doughnut flavored beers, a beer made with Sriracha hot sauce, and even a beer made from beard yeast.

Aside from beer, some breweries have a full menu. Warped Wing Brewing in Dayton, Ohio recycles the grains used while brewing (called spent grains), to make pizza dough and cookies. Some breweries, like the Hopping Gnome in Wichita, Kansas have decided their entire focus is beer and don't offer food – which is good for the local food truck business.

Craft breweries offer a more personal approach to beer tastings and pub crawls. When you go, ask who made it, and how it’s made. You may even get free samples and get personal tours from the owner or brewmaster. Visiting craft breweries is a great way to learn more about beer, meet interesting and new people and an easy way to support local business.

Grab a group of friends, or meet new friends at the Adventurer Club, and check out your local craft breweries. Who knows, maybe you have yet to taste your favorite beer, and it is on tap right now, somewhere in America, ready for you to discover it. All you have to do is go find it!