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Who: The Adventurer Club. We were founded in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs, led by an angel investor who has successfully started and managed several diverse businesses. He approached Baseline Creative, Inc., a full-service integrated marketing agency established in 2006, about developing a site for people such as him and his wife. They like to travel, play golf, snorkel, play racquetball, ride their Harley, etc. Our angel wanted a place where like-minded people could connect for sports, recreation, cultural events and other adventures.

What: A new social network that seeks to bring active people with similar interests together to share experiences. The Adventurer Club isn't a place to post photos of the sandwich you snarfed down for lunch — unless maybe you were summiting a peak or whale watching while eating it.

Where: We're based in Wichita, Kansas. No, we may not have mountains or oceans in Kansas, but have you seen the Flint Hills? The Cheyenne Bottoms? Quivira National Wildlife Refuge? There really is no place like Kansas.

Why: Because adventure. That's why.

When: Now. YOLO.


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