Fun Famly Activities for SummerSummer vacation is quickly approaching and for any stay-at-home parent who is starting to panic at the thought of the idea of kids trapped in the house, making messes and pulling one another's hair, we have ideas for you.

First, there is strength in numbers, people. You need to find some other parents with children that you can get together with. If you've recently moved, or just can't seem to find a group you click with, that's okay. Think of something fun you want to do with your children, but not by yourself, and get organized. Find other families on and create an event. Bring a bucket of sidewalk chalk to the park and while your children release their inner Van Goghs, you can have an adult conversation.

Are you a member of your local Y? Connect with families there and take a class together – whether it's rock climbing or beginners yoga, your children will enjoy spending time with you and being active will help you release some of those endorphins we all like so much.

Take a tour once or twice a week (depending on the size of your community) of your local parks. You can meet up with other parents to increase your bag of fun tricks and to have extra helpers as your little ones wriggle and wiggle and burn off all that pent up energy from school. You could even pack a lunch for a picnic if you feel like it.

Take a day trip. Gather up a group and drive to a nearby town or attraction. Ideally, this is someplace you can drive to within an hour. Make plans to shop or eat wherever you go and pick one interesting activity or place you want to be a part of. For instance, tour an alleged haunted house, or hike a nature trail.

Whatever you do this summer, let your inner adventurer out to play. Your family could be a team of explorers and make every day something new.