160315 golfing with friendsThe Adventurer Club is all about doing, and golf is an ultimate example. Unlike other sports with clearly delineated boundaries, and relatively limited movement, with golf, the players commune with nature. Whether in a group or individually, the experience offers any gender, age and ethnicity a chance to participate.

Reasons golf is an activity designed for Adventurers

1. A Single Joins Others

If it's a quiet day on the course, there is a good chance you can play the course on your own. It is peaceful. You play at your own pace, experience nature, and the chance to have a personal best without any witnesses. If it's a busy weekend, the moment you mention that you are a single at the pro shop, you'll probably get paired up with others. Either way, it's OK. You might not know the people you join, and you might talk a little.

The important thing is that you all share a common interest.
160315 golf is for adventurers

2. Living in the Moment

While this is an important concept we encourage our Adventurers to embrace regularly, golf is a game that matches the lifestyle. Weather, wind, and the many other factors outside of your control make the experience more interesting. Please note: in this context, the term "interesting" means exactly that: it's something that allows you to apply what you know and see how it works outside of the usual. You are doing something you enjoy.

Being in nature really defines living in the moment, and no matter where you are or what you are doing, taking the time to appreciate the moment is what being an Adventurer is all about.

Alligator on Golf Course

Also, you don't run across alligators when you're playing most other sports.

3. Golf Gear is Interesting!

There are very few sports that offer so many specific options that make a profound difference in your approach to the game. Fly fishing tackle (really, all fishing tackle) is one of the only other activities we can think of where the gear you use can impact your approach to such a degree. The golf gear you choose won't make you a pro, but it is interesting to see how a new driver or pitching wedge or new golf glove can help you rethink your approach to the game.

160315 golf adventurer

Public Golf Courses

This is not a definitive list, Adventurers. Here are a few we think you should experience, and without any kind of membership requirements, you can stop by and play on a whim. (A little planning is good; check out the list and share some photos of your Adventures!) Also, we selected the midwest courses both for central location (for road trips) and proximity to airports.

Kansas Public Golf Courses

Colbert Hills • Manhattan, Kansas • http://www.colberthills.com/
Offering both a Championship course and a Par 3 Course, Colbert Hills has been recognized as a destination course by many authorities on the subject. Located near Manhattan, Kansas, we encourage Adventurers to make it a weekend and visit Aggieville and the many adventures available in this wonderful college town. For more information on Manhattan, start here: http://www.manhattancvb.org/ to find out about the many annual events and great places to stay.

Oklahoma Public Golf Courses

Forest Ridge Golf Club • Broken Arrow, Oklahoma • http://www.forestridge.com/golf/
Considered one of the best public golf courses in Oklahoma by many, Forest Ridge is vast and offers beautiful views. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma is near Tulsa, another great city to turn into a long weekend. For more on events in Tulsa, we recommend you start by visiting: http://www.visittulsa.com/ to plan your Adventure.

Colorado Public Golf Courses

Breckenridge • Breckenridge, Colorado • http://www.townofbreckenridge.com/
This is worth an Adventure! Bear/Beaver/Elk are the only municipal courses to own a Jack Nicklaus designed 27-hole golf course. Since 1985, people have been flocking to play. Breckenridge has so many other adventures in store for you, as well. A great place to learn more is: http://www.gobreck.com/.